I Fed 10,000 Families For Thanksgiving!

Beast Philanthropy
382 000 Рет қаралды 3,8 МЛН

Thank you to Jennie-O for helping us make sure NOBODY goes hungry this Thanksgiving :)


  1. Beast Philanthropy
    Beast Philanthropy
    3 күн бұрын


    1. husai ni
      husai ni
      9 минут бұрын

      You are Lagend 👍🏻💪🏻

    2. Mr.Jeeban
      16 минут бұрын

      Sir please help me for my mother operation please help me,my father has been paralysed in 2 years ago my home condition is very poor please help me, Please sir kindly save my mother, I have need - 230,000/- USD only Please sir please help me 🙏 Please sir kindly save my mother, I am from India please help me 🙏

    3. Help Me Reach To 69k Sbs With No Videos
      Help Me Reach To 69k Sbs With No Videos
      33 минут бұрын

      "Congratulations to those who found this comment"

    4. What ¿
      What ¿
      50 минут бұрын


    5. James Riley
      James Riley
      53 минут бұрын

      Hi how do you deal with UC so well Mr Beast I need what you have

  2. Cc
    7 секунд бұрын

    Thank you milad

  3. Vibesfuzion
    22 секунд бұрын

    Rip turkeys

  4. Alexander Rhyme
    Alexander Rhyme
    Минут бұрын


  5. all rimix
    all rimix
    5 минут бұрын

    sir i am photo grapher and video editor you job me

  6. a name i guess
    a name i guess
    7 минут бұрын

    Thank you millad (sorry if I misspelled it)

  7. husai ni
    husai ni
    9 минут бұрын

    You are Lagend.. seriously 👍🏻💪🏻

  8. Nightmare
    9 минут бұрын

    Thank you Milad!!!!!!!!

  9. Dineta Maliqi
    Dineta Maliqi
    10 минут бұрын

    Thank you Miladd!!!!!!!!!

  10. xRyuuCH_Gaming
    13 минут бұрын

    I sub you long time ago

  11. Mattッ
    14 минут бұрын


  12. Jiro Ethan Leyva
    Jiro Ethan Leyva
    15 минут бұрын

    A I mean beast

  13. Jiro Ethan Leyva
    Jiro Ethan Leyva
    15 минут бұрын

    Mr. east is god

  14. Ezekiel Pagalilauan
    Ezekiel Pagalilauan
    16 минут бұрын

    Vegan teacher be like -_-

  15. Abhinav
    17 минут бұрын

    Imagine waiting whole day to get a free turkey and then it came to know that you are the 10,001 person to be in the line.

  16. Shobha dev
    Shobha dev
    18 минут бұрын

    thank you milad

  17. Hera-chan
    19 минут бұрын

    You are amazing. Thank you so much for all that you do.

  18. noky plays
    noky plays
    23 минут бұрын

    Vegan people watching this

  19. Chris Montoya
    Chris Montoya
    24 минут бұрын

    How does this vid have nearly 2k dislikes??

  20. Frost r3x
    Frost r3x
    27 минут бұрын

    To all the vegans God put the animals on Earth for us to eat. He put dogs and cats to bee our pets . But thanks like chicken cows and and pigs. Or meant for us to eat

  21. RM Balcueva
    RM Balcueva
    28 минут бұрын

    I never thought this channel exists lol

  22. ErlFinest火
    28 минут бұрын

    Hi MrBeast 💙 I'm a big fan 💯 I wanna be like you someday .. can I get a land in axie infinity it would help me so much!!🙏✨

    29 минут бұрын

    Thank you Milad!!!!!!

  24. Aysar
    30 минут бұрын

    Vegan teacher be like:EATING ANIMALS IS BAD BE VEGAN!

  25. Kip is lekker
    Kip is lekker
    31 минут бұрын

    Thanks my lad called milad

  26. Help Me Reach To 69k Sbs With No Videos
    Help Me Reach To 69k Sbs With No Videos
    31 минут бұрын

    "Congratulations to those who found this comment"

  27. night
    31 минут бұрын

    Vegan teacher would pass out if she saw this

    34 минут бұрын

    Thank you milad 😀

  29. Ck-films
    36 минут бұрын

    The vegans watching this video: 10,000 DEAD BODIES THAT SICK FU...

  30. Shivnesh Narayan
    Shivnesh Narayan
    37 минут бұрын

    And people on Twitter say that he doesn't donates money This man is a true legend.

  31. CombatSznn
    38 минут бұрын


  32. CombatSznn
    38 минут бұрын


  33. Kim Casco
    Kim Casco
    39 минут бұрын

    It’s crazy how people said he should give money to people In need rather then make squid games like they obviously have never seen this Chanel

  34. sunaina y
    sunaina y
    41 минут бұрын

    I'm here to see how many people commented thank you Milad haha! thank you Milad ;)

  35. Red Velarde
    Red Velarde
    42 минут бұрын

    Being vegan is sucks

  36. 123aic
    43 минут бұрын

    The fact that people actually got upset at this

  37. David Nimmo
    David Nimmo
    44 минут бұрын

    How many..Never do that

  38. random guy
    random guy
    44 минут бұрын

    Vegans be like: 👁️👄👁️

  39. Athena O
    Athena O
    45 минут бұрын

    thank you Jimmy, Milad, and JennieO! Love what you do Jimmy, you are AMAZING!!!!!!

  40. Futureletter
    45 минут бұрын

    Africa next

  41. Matthew the AussieMozieboy
    Matthew the AussieMozieboy
    46 минут бұрын

    Thanks milkpowder

  42. THE GAbRus
    THE GAbRus
    47 минут бұрын

    Thanks milad

  43. James Hussey
    James Hussey
    49 минут бұрын

    thank you milad

  44. Slime GB
    Slime GB
    49 минут бұрын


  45. MrShrambles
    49 минут бұрын

    this guy is making me hungry

  46. Hasan Yumer
    Hasan Yumer
    50 минут бұрын

    vegan teacher is so proud.

  47. u mom
    u mom
    51 минут бұрын

    Thanks Milad!! Yaaaasss

  48. The Voice of Reason
    The Voice of Reason
    52 минут бұрын

    10k Turkeys slaughtered for this tho 💀

  49. Maria Prarthana
    Maria Prarthana
    53 минут бұрын

    Thank you Milan 💖

  50. FrickYouJonesy
    55 минут бұрын

    please do something with the veterans jimmy

  51. Glitchinator
    55 минут бұрын

    Thank You Beast Team and of course Milad...

  52. GMD Trins
    GMD Trins
    56 минут бұрын

    Thank you KZfive for not showing dislikes

  53. Gravitino100
    59 минут бұрын

    Yeah. Hes such a terrible person. He must be stopped. 🙄

  54. Jim Robinson
    Jim Robinson
    Сағат бұрын

    Jimmy:This is 10000 turkeys Jimmy:We used 100 shotguns And we used 10000 shotgun shells

  55. Roby Salvador
    Roby Salvador
    Сағат бұрын

    To all the vegans Stop hating on mr beast You saying he sucks does not make a change He just wanna help people

  56. Roxstar
    Сағат бұрын


  57. Roxstar
    Сағат бұрын

    Thank you Milad!!!!!!

  58. Roxstar
    Сағат бұрын

    Thank you Milad!!!!!!

  59. Roy Gilda Rivera
    Roy Gilda Rivera
    Сағат бұрын

    thank you, milad!!!

  60. The Best7878
    The Best7878
    Сағат бұрын

    Jennie o is the only brand I buy my turkey from

  61. Samodis
    Сағат бұрын

    I wonder what would that veagan teacher say

  62. Pinky
    Сағат бұрын

    Okay so who disliked 🔫

  63. Poop Looser64
    Poop Looser64
    Сағат бұрын

    I didn't even think there were a hundred turkeys, let alone 10,000

  64. cashagar🅥
    Сағат бұрын

    That Vegan teacher:😭😭😭😭😭😭😓😓😥😭😭😢🥺🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕👈

  65. Svenerd
    Сағат бұрын

    That vegan teacher is typing….

  66. Ibrahim Ahmed
    Ibrahim Ahmed
    Сағат бұрын

    thank u milllad :)

    Сағат бұрын

    pls bring beast burger to south africa

  68. Cryptic Games
    Cryptic Games
    Сағат бұрын

    The turkey dance was funny lol

  69. the clod. 3
    the clod. 3
    Сағат бұрын

    Thanks milad

  70. bombz
    Сағат бұрын

    You gonna eat it raw?

  71. Arifur Rahman Fahim
    Arifur Rahman Fahim
    Сағат бұрын

    Thank you miladdd

  72. Jordi Trell
    Jordi Trell
    Сағат бұрын

    You need to get a Nobel Peace Prize. What a dude

  73. GTA5_YT
    Сағат бұрын

    Hello there mate

  74. Eddie Bg
    Eddie Bg
    Сағат бұрын

    Happy late thanksgiving Mr beast

  75. Theadore Miller
    Theadore Miller
    Сағат бұрын

    Since no one else did it... THANK YOU MILAD

  76. Sniper_1298
    Сағат бұрын

    Thank u malad

  77. Cazanian Tatum
    Cazanian Tatum
    Сағат бұрын

    New subscriber love the content

  78. Shendy Mae Elsisura
    Shendy Mae Elsisura
    Сағат бұрын

    I thought this was canceled... 'Cause vegans protested? IDK But I'm glad it wasn't tho Mr. Beast isn't wrong, he just wants to help people, and that's what we love about him

  79. De Ven
    De Ven
    Сағат бұрын


  80. De Ven
    De Ven
    Сағат бұрын

    Jimmy you are so kin

  81. The Narrator
    The Narrator
    Сағат бұрын

    People be talkin that he should of donated vegetables to them instead but I don’t see them donating 10000 anything

  82. Matapara Ngaroma
    Matapara Ngaroma
    Сағат бұрын


  83. vertti200
    Сағат бұрын

    The vegan people be like: 10,000 corpses.

  84. EggShellsAndYolk
    Сағат бұрын

    alot of turkies died in the making of this video

  85. arpit kaushik
    arpit kaushik
    Сағат бұрын

    Thank you milad

  86. u1u1u1
    Сағат бұрын

    Jennie O is the best

  87. Camilo Cienfuegos
    Camilo Cienfuegos
    Сағат бұрын


  88. Banana Boi
    Banana Boi
    Сағат бұрын

    I love that Michael was here

  89. Aarohi show
    Aarohi show
    Сағат бұрын

    #teamanimals should be needed to launch

  90. Skylon The Dragon
    Skylon The Dragon
    Сағат бұрын

    People in the comments are ungrateful af. Just be happy he did anything to help anyone.

  91. Mr Unknown
    Mr Unknown
    Сағат бұрын

    It should be veg

  92. Makaloy Jr
    Makaloy Jr
    Сағат бұрын

    Thank you

  93. noface oofer
    noface oofer
    Сағат бұрын

    Thank you Milad,

  94. Alex Phang
    Alex Phang
    Сағат бұрын

    Who tf is this Why is there so many channels

    1. 31 Đoàn Nam Phong
      31 Đoàn Nam Phong
      12 минут бұрын

      mr beast have many channel to maximize his profit and each channel is a diferent genre because if he pót many of topic, then the alogrith would change and confuse

    2. Uranus
      Сағат бұрын

      Mr Beast of course, why asking?

  95. IPlay
    Сағат бұрын

    Facebook and KZfives toxicity and drama is so different...

  96. IchbineinNoob1
    Сағат бұрын

    Can't wait for vegan teachers reaction

  97. TheMemeStop
    Сағат бұрын

    Wow must be nice I didn't eat Thanksgiving too broke can't even afford an apartment 😂 but glad they got to eat!🙏

  98. Yash 7503
    Yash 7503
    Сағат бұрын

    nolan gone 4 life ;-;